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Ignite Series Structure & Rules - Gateway Kartplex
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Ignite Series Structure & Rules


The Ignite program offers affordable entry into karting in an environment with a level playing field for all. Maximize track time and minimize maintenance and costs as you constantly improve your racing skills in an ultra-competitive environment. Factory sealed engines from Briggs Racing and a chassis developed by industry leader Margay Racing combine to provide a platform where the emphasis is solidly on driver development.



Age: 5-8 years old
Chassis: Open
Engine: Honda GXH50 (Engine Rules)

Clutch: HPD supplied. Early clutch is black HPD supplied with either white or blue springs (no mixing of colors allowed). Current clutch is gold Noram supplied with light (.070-.075 wire diameter) red springs only. Both early and current clutch are legal but must run with specified springs. No modifications or oiling allowed.

Spec Gearing: 219 chain, 15 tooth driver, 89 tooth rear sprocket
Fuel: 91 octane purchased at track, no alcohol added ($10/gallon)
Exhaust: Stock
Tire: Hoosier 4.5/4.5 R60B
Bodywork: CIK plastics
Weight: 160 lbs NEW WEIGHT IN EFFECT STARTING 9/1/21

Gateway Kartplex rules could supersede Honda Engine Rules 


Age: 12-15 years old
Chassis: Ignite K3
Engine: Briggs LO206 Adult  (Engine Rules)

Fuel: 91 octane purchased at track, no alcohol added ($10/gallon)
Slide: Yellow, Briggs carb locking clamp must be in place with cap fully tightened at all times. This is a tech item.
Tire: Hoosier 4.5/6.0 R80
Bodywork: CIK plastics
Weight: 320 lbs


Age: 35+ years old
Chassis: Ignite K3
Engine: Briggs LO206 Adult (Engine Rules)

Fuel: 91 octane purchased at track, no alcohol added ($10/gallon)
Slide: Black
Tire: Hoosier 4.5/7.1 R80
Bodywork: CIK plastics
Weight: 370 lbs 

Ignite Master (35+) drivers are also eligible to compete in the Ignite Senior (15+) class. A driver 35 years or older may compete in both Senior and Master. [updated 04/27/15]


Age: 8-12 years old
Chassis: Ignite K2
Engine: Briggs LO206 Adult  (Engine Rules)

Fuel: 91 octane purchased at track, no alcohol added ($10/gallon)
Slide: Red, Briggs carb locking clamp must be in place with cap fully tightened at all times. This is a tech item.
Tire: Hoosier 4.5/4.5 R80
Bodywork: CIK plastics
Weight: 250 lbs


Age: 15+ years old
Chassis: Ignite K3
Engine: Briggs LO206 Adult (Engine Rules)

Fuel: 91 octane purchased at track, no alcohol added ($10/gallon)
Slide: Black
Tire: Hoosier 4.5/7.1 R80
Bodywork: CIK plastics
Weight: 360 lbs


Age: 50+ years old
Chassis: Ignite K3
Engine: Briggs LO206 Adult (Engine Rules)

Fuel: 91 octane purchased at track, no alcohol added ($10/gallon)
Slide: Black
Tire: Hoosier 4.5/7.1 R80
Bodywork: CIK plastics
Weight: 380 lbs 

Ignite Legend (50+) drivers are also eligible to compete in the Ignite Senior (15+) and Ignite Master (35+) classes. A driver 50 years or older may compete in all three classes in the same day.[updated 09/3/21]


Age: 15+ years old
Chassis: Ignite K3
Engine: Briggs LO206 Adult (Engine Rules)

Fuel: 91 octane purchased at track, no alcohol added ($10/gallon)
Slide: Black
Tire: Hoosier 4.5/7.1 R80
Bodywork: CIK plastics
Kart Weight: 400 lbs

Driver Weight: Min. 200 lbs with safety gear

Ignite Heavy class will run with Ignite Master class on track and will be scored separately. [updated 03/26/17]



  • Racers must start a minimum of 6 races to qualify for the year-end championship
  • A racer’s best 8 finishes (of 11 races) will count towards their championship points total (in the event the season is shorter than 11 races, drivers will count approximately 70% of the total number of races, rounded to the nearest full race)
  • Racers must be present at the awards banquet to receive year-end awards


The reigning champion in Ignite Senior may only compete in a maximum of 5 Ignite Senior races throughout the season following their championship year. Beginning in 2020, this rule will also apply to the Ignite Master class. After this 1-season restricted schedule, past Ignite Senior and Ignite Master champions may return to racing a full season in that class. We highly encourage Ignite champions, especially from the Ignite Senior and Ignite Master classes, to consider participating in our SuperComp series.


A racer’s competition age is determined by the age of the driver on the first scheduled Kartplex race day of the season. If a driver ages out of a class before the first scheduled Kartplex race day of the season, they are required to move up to the older class. If a driver will attain an age into an older class during the course of the Kartplex race season, they may choose to stay in their current class, or move up to the older class (at any time, including the start of the season). Once a driver has raced in a class, they may not move back to a younger class. Upon request, the Race Director may choose to issue an age exception for a driver whose birthday falls after the completion of the Kartplex race season but within the 2021 calendar year.


Per 2021 updates to Ignite Karting rules, if a driver moves to an older class (specifically from Kid Kart to Rookie, Rookie to Junior, or Junior to Senior) at any level of Ignite competition, it will affect their eligibility in all other levels of Ignite competition – once you move up, you cannot move back. This covers club races such as the Kartplex’s Ignite Series, all Ignite Challenge events and all Major races.


Note: Your “competition age” is relative to the individual racing series. It is legal to be different from Ignite and SuperComp.


A novice driver is defined as having no experience at the Kartplex and/or limited karting experience elsewhere. For at least the first 3 events a novice driver competes in at the Kartplex, they must start at the back of the field for each practice, qualifying and race session. Such drivers must also display a clear and visible “X” on the back of their helmet as well as on their rear bumper. Painter’s tape will be available at tech or inside the SpeedCenter for any drivers who need an “X.” The completion of 3 races does not guarantee the removal of a driver’s “X.” The Race Director and Kartplex Management have final discretion to determine when an “X” may be removed, as well as any waivers of novice driver restrictions based on performance or previous experience.


Competitors are not to exit their karts while on track unless directed to by a corner worker or race official. If a competitor can safely restart their kart without getting out of their seat, they may do so. Corner workers and race officials are also permitted to restart motors. Any competitor who has restarted their motor must ensure they rejoin the race traffic in a safe manner.


At the Race Director’s discretion, the Kartplex may “claim” a competitor’s engine at any time. The track will supply the competitor with a new, factory-sealed engine in direct exchange for the competitor’s “as raced” engine. If the competitor fails to comply with the claim request, the competitor will be excluded from participating in Kartplex races for one calendar year and will forfeit all points acquired to date.


The only personnel allowed in the Tech building are competitors and race officials. Crew and family members are prohibited to enter the Tech building at any time without permission from race officials or Kartplex Management. During the race program, no one is permitted to approach or interact with a kart/driver in pit lane or the Tech area until after that driver has gone across the scales. This includes a prohibition on passing any items to or from a driver prior to weighing.

No adjustments to a kart are permitted until after karts are released from impound.

All karts need to be shut off before entering the Tech building. ABSOLUTELY NO DRIVING ONTO THE SCALES! A race official will be available to assist drivers as needed.

The Head Tech Inspector or The Race Director may require any competitor to submit to technical or safety inspection at any time. Failure to submit to an inspection will result in loss of all points and awards for all classes run at that event and will also result in a suspension from the following FOUR race events at the Gateway Kartplex. Any competitor that fails to submit to an inspection a second time, will result in a one year suspension from any race event at the Gateway Kartplex.


Non-structural weights added to meet minimum kart/driver weight requirements must be bolted securely to the kart using bolts at least 5/16″ in diameter. Weights in excess of 7 lbs. must use two or more 5/16″ bolts. All bolts must be cotter-keyed, safety wired or double nutted. All bolt-on weights must be white in color for visibility. It is the driver’s responsibility to make sure weights are securely fastened. Losing a weight during any on-track session is considered a safety issue and may result in a penalty or disqualification at the Race Director’s discretion. 


Ignite K2 and K3 karts come factory equipped with TruSpeed wheels. Wheels must remain as provided by the factory. Ceramic bearings are not allowed. Previous DWT AlumiLite wheels are allowed for 2021.


Bodywork that comes apart from its original mounting location during the course of any on-track session is subject to penalty or disqualification at the discretion of the race director.


Helmets must meet one of the following ratings: Snell M 2010, SA 2010, CMR 2016, CMS 2016, M 2015, SA 2015, SA 2020; SFI Youth 24.1 2010, 2015 or 2020; SFI 31.1 2010, 2015 or 2020; SFI 41.1 2010, 2015 or 2020.


The use of helmet-mounted cameras is prohibited.


In the event of inclement weather in the middle of a race program, we will evaluate the situation (including the severity and likely duration of weather, as well as estimated time until competition could resume). If the race program is called for the day, the event will be considered complete and full points will be awarded to any run groups that have completed qualifying sessions and/or races. Classes that do not complete qualifying and/or a race will not receive any points.


If it is not possible to complete a race for reasons of time, weather or other extenuating circumstances, the Race Director may act upon their discretion. If none of the scheduled race laps have been reached and the race is called, the official finish will be determined by qualifying times. The finishing order of races completed due to a red flag or completed under a full course yellow will be the running order of the last completed lap. Competitors responsible for the red or yellow flag will be scored at the rear of the last completed lap they were running or be disqualified.


Gateway Kartplex requires all competitors, family members, crew, spectators, sponsors and guests to abide by a code of conduct and behave in a respectful, orderly manner. Penalties may be assessed for inappropriate actions on or off the track and can be incurred by anyone required to abide by this code of conduct. Drivers are responsible for the control and actions of their pit crew and family members. Unacceptable actions of crew or family members may subject a driver to penalty or disqualification from an event.


It is always our goal to have clean, safe and fair racing, and we are more than happy to listen to any questions, concerns or complaints. Certain actions, however, are not appropriate. Physical violence, verbal abuse, threats, intimidation or excessive foul language will be subject to immediate disciplinary action by the Race Director or Kartplex Management. Such disciplinary actions may include disqualification and expulsion from the event, removal from the facility, suspension from the track, permanent ban from the facility or other penalties.


As we frequently remind drivers and race attendees, race officials and approved personnel are the only individuals allowed to approach the Main Flagstand/Timing and Scoring or step onto the track during the race program. Race officials need to focus on what is happening on track. Individuals who disrupt race officials may be subject to penalty. If you have a question, concern or complaint, please address it to either the cashier or the grid marshal, who will radio the appropriate person and should provide either an answer or an indication of when and where someone will be available to address your matter.



When differences of opinion arise regarding Gateway Kartplex rules and regulations, decisions by race officials, Kartplex policies, or between the competitors (and/or their charges), communication and discussion of these differences are best handled privately and directly between the parties involved. Attacking parties on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter is unacceptable and may result in disciplinary action if race officials or Kartplex Management determine that the communication is not in the best interest of the Gateway Kartplex and its series. Resulting penalties may be disqualification, ejection from the event and possibly from Gateway Kartplex until further notice.


During a race program, race officials are in constant communication. If there is an incident on or off the track, it is up to the Race Director and/or Kartplex Management to determine if there will be any penalties, and if so, what those will be. Such decisions are not taken lightly and are discussed prior to being levied. Videos and photographs from competitors will not be considered as evidence in on or off track calls or penalties unless requested by the Race Director. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SUBMIT VIDEOS OR PHOTOS THAT WERE NOT REQUESTED BY THE RACE DIRECTOR. The Race Director/Kartplex Management may assess penalties up to 72 hours post-event completion after further discussion with race officials. All decisions by the Race Director and/or Kartplex Management are final and not open to appeal.


Anything not covered above is subject to the Ignite Series Rulebook. As a general rule, unless the rules state that you can, you can’t.