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Racing is HEATING UP at the Kartplex

Racing is HEATING UP at the Kartplex

It was a hot one at the track this weekend, but we had a great crowd for both our Ignite Series night race on Saturday and our SuperComp Series double feature race on Sunday.


Our weekend started out with some excitement on Thursday when a HUGE storm blew in and shook up the Kartplex. The end result was a rearranged track, standing water, and other various damage. However, thanks to our awesome team of Kartplex workers, the track was back together, dry, and ready for racing by Friday evening!

Saturday turned out hot, as expected, but that didn’t stop our Ignite racers from coming out ready to go! Thankfully, once the sun set we were able to have a break from some of the heat and it turned out to be perfect weather for racing!
The full classes made for exciting and close racing in all classes resulting in some new faces on the podium.

Results from Saturday night’s race are as follows:
Kid Kart 
1) Race Beckman
2) Quinn Ahrens
3) AJ Stoner
4) Gus Mayer
Ignite Junior
1) Reid Sweeney
2) Hailey Todtenhaupt
3) Dylan Ellsworth
4) Emily Ellsworth
5) Carter Pryor
6) Trevor Eggemeyer
7) Anthony Noto
8) Nolan Baltz
9) Jake Coalter
10) Colt Parker
Ignite Heavy
1) Greg Mefford
2) John Newlon
3) Corbin Vetter
4) Rich Fasching
5) Tom Newlon
Ignite Master
1) Blaine Finnegan
2) James Newbold
3) Brandin Moore
4) Craig Loddeke
5) Jimmy Miller
6) Micah Floretta
7) Carlos Rivera
Ignite Rookie
1) Lane Mayer
2) Jaiden Beckman
3) Rachel Fasching
4) Evan Kijowski
Ignite Senior
1) Evan Stamer
2) Eric Loddeke
3) Gage Rucker
4) Bobby Krug
5) Hunter Richardson
6) John Noto
7) Brenden Lauer
8) Davis Worley
9) Philip Newlon
10) Michael Scharf
11) Carter Boles
12) Colin Predith


Sunday’s weather was no different and was both hot and humid, the STL Summer Special. Our Kartplex families were out in full force yet again, proving how dedicated these racers are!
We had a lot of very competitive and fun racing for both sets of features, and even had a few repeats in victory lane.

Results from Sunday’s races are as follows:
SuperComp Race #5
Kid Kart
1) Race Beckman
2) Gus Mayer
3) Quinn Ahrens
4) AJ Stoner
Briggs Junior
1) Trevor Eggemeyer
2) Jake Coalter
3) Carter Pryor
4) Colt Parker
TaG Senior
1) Keith Scharf
2) Rockwell Secrest
3) Cowboy Lamar Humpries
4) Brent Heyen
Yamaha Senior
1) Hunter Richardson
Briggs Rookie
1) Jaiden Beckman
2) Rachel Fasching
Briggs Senior
1) Evan Stamer
2) Eric Loddeke
3) Hunter Richardson
4) Sean Kennedy
5) Bobby Krug
6) Ryan Bettenhausen
7) Gage Rucker
8) Craig Loddeke
9) Jake Spangler

SuperComp Race #6
Kid Kart

1) AJ Stoner
2) Quinn Ahrens
3) Gus Mayer
4) Race Beckman
Briggs Junior
1) Trevor Eggemeyer
2) Carter Pryor
3) Jake Coalter
4) Colt Parker
TaG Senior
1) Rockwell Secrest
2) Cowboy Lamar Humpries
3) Brent Heyen
Briggs Rookie
1) Rachel Fasching
2) Jaiden Beckman
Briggs Senior
1) Evan Stamer
2) Sean Kennedy
3) Hunter Richardson
4) Bobby Krug
5) Gage Rucker
6) Eric Loddeke
7) Craig Loddeke
8.) Ryan Bettenhausen

Thanks again to everyone who braved the heat to come out this weekend! Our next Ignite Series Race will be Saturday, July 28 with our next SuperComp race Sunday, July 29.

Points have been updated and can be found here.


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