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Inaugural Ignite Oval Track Race at Gateway Kartplex

Inaugural Ignite Oval Track Race at Gateway Kartplex

This weekend, Staurday, June 16 will mark the FIRST EVER Ignite oval race at Gateway Kartplex!


After testing with three different drivers in a K3 here are our results. The oval measured out at 880 feet which is 1/6 of a mile. No chassis changes or special oval set up were installed. Our primary focus was drivability and gear selection. The kart was set completely neutral as run on the normal track. The 17 tooth driver remains mandatory in the Ignite series for all classes. With a 17-69 gear ratio we were running a top rpm of 5950. 16 second lap times were the norm.

Therefore for the senior and masters class we would recommend a rear sprocket of 69 to a 71 depending on your set up and driving style. Based on the correlation to the normal track gear ratio we think the Rookie and Junior class would run a 68 to 70. The Kartplex will have 68 to 71 sprockets in stock and available for purchase. Margay also has a good supply of these gears in stock.

While the exact format is still in the works we plan on running this event with more of a small dirt oval format. That will include practice sessions, single kart qualifying, heat races with transfer spots and lots of laps. This event should be a lot of fun and a change of pace for all of our racers. Please share this info out to all of our Ignite family.


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